Two Factor Authentication

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Two Factor Authentication is the most secure way of accessing your Minnit account. Using this, you require both your password and a secret code. This guide will help you through the setup process.

Why Use Two-Factor Authentication?

Each time you sign-in to Minnit on an unknown device, we will ask you to check your phone and enter the code found on the phone's screen. This way, your password won't be enough for another user to login to your account, they will also need to have your phone in hand. It's all handled securely on your device, and is not tied to any of your personal information, so no phone numbers or location data is stored by Minnit.

Using Two Factor Authentication keeps your chats more secure than ever.

Setting It Up

To set up Two Factor Authentication, head on over to Account Settings and select "Activate Authentication". This will guide you through the steps.

First, you'll need an authenticator application or program on your device. We recommend Google Authenticator for mobile devices, but there are hundreds of other programs available which can accomplish this as well.

Once you install an authenticator, go to Account Settings and click "Activate Authentication". This will provide you with a QR code you can scan with your phone's camera. If you don't have a camera on your device, or you're using one on your PC, you can manually type in the code as well.


Minnit does not recommend users use Authentication on their PC if they have a choice. In the event of someone installing a virus on your computer, they could take your secret code and access your Minnit account as well.

You must be sure you have access to the Authentication code at all times. If you need to login, and you don't have the code, you will be unable to access your Minnit account.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO LOGIN and there is no chance to recover the code yourself, contact Minnit Support for assistance under the "Report a problem" help topic. We will verify your identity, and help you with recovering your account.