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Minnit uses cookies to store user account information and preferences. These cookies are set when you sign into a chat for the first time, or log into your account.

If you're accessing a Minnit chat that's embedded on another website, these cookies will be considered third party cookies since they are not being set from the current website that you are on.

Some web browsers block third party cookies by default, which means that you will lose your account data and preferences when you refresh.

Allowing third party cookies

The simplest way to allow Minnit to set third party cookies is by clicking the link in the info message that shows up after signing into a chat informing you that cookies were unable to be set.

You can also allow third party cookies to be set at the browser level to prevent this issue from happening again.

Some browsers offer a white list option (e.g. Chrome) where you can allow specific websites to set third party cookies. In this case, allowing [*] is more secure than allowing third party cookies to be set by all websites.

Instructions are available for:

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome