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While Minnit Chat is a free service, we do offer some optional paid features and upgrades. Here are some of the basics of what we offer:

  • Extra smilies and smiley customizations. Minnit offers "Smiley Packs", which allow you to use more smilies or smiley customization options. Packs are being added all of the time.
  • Chat Upgrades. You can purchase Chat Upgrades to add more personalization, like changing the font colors or style, or to add new features, like setting temporary Moderators/Administrators.
  • Profile Upgrades. You can purchase Profile Upgrades to add more features and customization features to your Profile.

You can purchase at and view the full list of features/upgrades at Both require you to have a Minnit account and to be logged in. Prices are dynamic and are subject to change.

Policy regarding Refunds

All payments are final, and no refunds are guaranteed. Any user requesting a refund needs to do so directly via

Questions, Comments and Concerns

Any user who would like to contact Minnit regarding any questions, comments, or concerns, may reach out via Minnit Chat Support (if they have an account), or by emailing [email protected] (if they do not have an account). We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ensure you read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service prior to making any purchase.