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Editing your chat is a breeze. Simply click the Pencil icon near the text box, or, if you're on a smaller device, click the top right menu icon, then select "Edit".

You will be presented with the Chat Editor menu. Here, you can customize everything about your chat. Upload a new background, change how much power your Moderators and Administrators have, and more.

You are the only person in your chat who can access this menu, and it's tied directly to your account.

General Settings

Chat Name: This option allows you to change the case of your chat's name.

Chat Description: This changes the text shown above your chat, below its name.

Allow my chat to appear in chat listings: If enabled, your chat can appear on chat listings, including on Minnit's home page. Disable this option if you prefer to avoid strangers finding your chat.

Allow messages to be stored: If enabled, messages sent will be saved and show the next time you (or other users) enter the chat. If disabled, the chat will be empty when any user enters or refreshes.

Force users to set a nickname before they can join? If enabled, new users will be forced to set a nickname before they can enter the chat.

Do messages in your chat contain adult content?: If enabled, users will receive a warning when they enter the chat, and will need to confirm that they want to view adult content.

Chat Tags: Tags help other users find your chat. Enter tags that describe your chat and its content.

Chat Rules

Here, you can add a list of rules for your chat. Users on mobile devices can access the rules page from within the chat's menu, while other users will see the rules under the chat.

Rank Permissions and Bans

Require a Captcha for: Sets which users are required to complete a captcha before entering.

Allow Guests (un-registered users) to view and talk in your chat: Sets whether guests can participate in your chat.

Who can send URLs?: Sets which users are allowed to send links.

Who can use /clear to clear messages?: Sets which users can clear the chat using the /clear command.

How long can mods ban for?: Sets the maximum ban time for moderators.

How long can admins ban for?: Sets the maximum ban time for administrators.

Minimum rank that can Kick?: Sets the minimum rank required for a user to kick other users. Note that no user can kick a user of equal or higher rank.

How many days until IP Bans expire?: When a user is banned, both their Minnit account and their IP address are banned from the chat for the same amount of time. However, IP Bans automatically expire after a certain amount of time. This helps prevent users who use the same public hotspot from being IP banned due to someone else's misbehavior. This setting sets the amount of time before this expiration.

When a user is Kicked, how long until they can join again?: Sets the minimum amount of time a kicked user must wait before reconnecting to the chat.

Broadcast a message to all users when a user's rank is changed/a user gets banned or kicked?: Sets announcements for rank changes and kicks/bans.

Ranks List

Here, you can view all users who are currently owners, administrators, or moderators on your chat. You can individually remove or modify a user's rank by modifying the drop down menu below the user.

Room Privacy

Make chat private: If enabled, users will be unable to view messages or participate in the chat unless they are the rank of regular and above.

Allow un-invited users to appear in user list, and view user list, if they try to sign in?: If enabled, users will be able to view the user list (but still cannot see the chat or participate.) This allows your staff to promote any users they want to allow into the chat.

Appearance and Background

Background: You can upload a background for your chat here. Note: Uploaded pictures can never be inappropriate, offensive, shocking, or otherwise in violation of the Terms of Service, even if your chat is marked to contain Adult Content.

Delete Background: This will remove the chat's current background.

Chat Background Style: Sets whether the background is restricted to the message window, or stretched to fit the entire chat.

Page Background: Sets the background that displays behind your chat.

Page Background Sizing: Sets whether the page background is stretched to fit the window, tiled, or centered.

Chat page background color: Sets the background color for your chat's webpage.

Chat Style: Sets the theme for your chat's webpage.

Message bubble background color: If enabled, bubbles of this color will appear behind all users' messages.

Navigational Bar Style: Sets the theme for the Minnit navigational bar, which appears at the top of the page.

Chat accent color: Sets the color of the message icon which appears on the top left of the chat.

Chat page font color: Sets the color of the text used for the chat's title, description, and rules.

Rank colors: Set the colors for the rank shapes within your chat. Clicking "Reset" next to any of the ranks will return it to its default.

Radio and Music

A radio can be added to your chat here. Users will be able to click the Music Note icon in the chat menu to instantly stream. Put the IP Address or URL directly.

Links, Media, and GIFs

Who can send URLs? Sets which users are able to send URLs within the chat.

Should GIFs/Images users send display within the chat? If enabled, GIFs/Images will automatically be displayed with a thumbnail within the chat.

Do you want a preview of web links to show within the chat? If enabled, web links sent will include a preview.


Enable automatic subrooms: Subrooms automatically solve chatroom crowding. Once you reach a certain number of users, your chat will begin creating "subrooms" automatically. Users can move between subrooms, allowing for more organized conversations in smaller spaces. All users have the same ranks in all subrooms, and if a user gets banned from one subroom, they get banned from all. Encourage your Moderators to spread out amongst subrooms if the chat gets too busy to ensure all areas of the chat are properly monitored. Moderators and higher can move freely between subrooms, even if they are full.

Maximum Users per Subroom (10 to 200): If subrooms are enabled, this sets the maximum amount of users that can fit into a subroom.

Custom subroom options: Here you can add custom subrooms, which are always visible. Each one can have a minimum rank required to enter it, and a minimum rank required to talk within it.

Advanced Options

Custom Links: You can enter custom phrases to be clickable in the chat. Enter one phrase/URL per line. For example, if you want the word "radio" sent in chat to link to, you can enter radio in the box. Note: Even if users cannot normally post links, phrases in here will still be converted to clickable phrases. Some pre-set words will not be able to be set, e.g. you cannot change "register" as the chat already links that to the Register page. REMINDER: Any links meant to deceive users or be confusing will result in the chatroom being deleted, and possible action taken against the chat owner.

Bad Words: You can add a custom list of bad words here. Separate each word with a space. Example if you put freaking frickin they will appear as freaking and frickin in the chat. Words will have to be moused over or tapped to be displayed. If one of the words is already a link, it will not be censored, so users can be sure it's a link before tapping.